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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we're not optimistic. we would advise the riding public to take precautions and make sure they have alternative transportation for tomorrow. >> a warning this morning from b.a.r.t. union leaders that another strike deadline looms. it's become a familiar story no strike but no deal either. this morning b.a.r.t. trains were rolling but if no agreement is reached by midnight workers say they will walk off the job tomorrow morning. >> it appeared talks were done for the night when union leaders made the announcement 10:30 last night. while many of us were sleeping the two sides went back to the table and talks continued until about 3:00 this morning. >> now it's 4:30 in the morning g. morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning.
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i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. let's get right to christie smith live at caltrans headquarters in oakland with the latest. any signs of life this morning? >> reporter: well, i can tell you talks broke off about 3:00 this morning so about 90 minute ago both sides walking out. the unions saying they will be back here later this morning and later this afternoon to look at b.a.r.t.'s offer. trains rolling this morning but b.a.r.t.'s gm did issue a strong statement saying the transit agency has presented its last best and final offer. this is the union members and goshtsers filtered in and out of the building where negotiations have been going on for hours. b.a.r.t. says that its last offer is more than the one that was on the table on friday. a 3% raise per year, 12% total, 4% pension. 9.5% medical. the unions have two weeks to vote on it. both sides facing the fact this is their sixth strike deadline
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in four months. >> for all intents and purposes that was the last one. we have done everything that we can, we have given the district at least four different extensions. trying to get this deal done. at some point you have to say enough is enough. >> i really hope that they are going to take it seriously and look at it. we're open to any ideas over those two weeks, we'll try to keep that conversation open but it's trying to bring this to a close t bay area is tired of going to bed at night not knowing if b.a.r.t. is open or not and we need to bring this to a close. it's been long enough. >> reporter: elected officials were around keeping tabs on what was happening here with the talks. but we really won't know the outcome until later today. the unions are coming back but for now today, the trains are rolling. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie.
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b.a.r.t. passengers say while they are relieved trains are running they are fed up at the same time. they say all of the back and forth between b.a.r.t. and its unions needs to stop. right now many riders are left crossing their fingers hoping a deal can be reached before midnight. >> only way to get to work is using the b.a.r.t. you can't go to work, we lose our jobs. that's what people come home with. it's that easy. >> what does that mean? >> i'm not coming to work. i can't come to work, unfortunately. if they strike. so it is affecting a lot of people. >> a lot of people no work, no paxt more than 400,000 riders depend on b.a.r.t. >> in the event of a strike tomorrow people are encouraged of course to be prepared. if you cannot work from home, carpooling may be your best bet. the hours for hov lanes will be extended from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. that is if there is a strike.
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a portion of i-80, 880, and all toll bridges. b.a.r.t. will be offering free bus service from nine stations if there is a strike tomorrow. we marked those on this map. the buses are from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and we're told tickets will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. return service from san francisco is scheduled from 3:007:00 p.m. near the transpay term nat at howard street. ac transit plans to free up as many buses as it cans and san francisco bay ferry flan plans extra boats. >> for the latest information on the potential b.a.r.t. strike head to we're updating our home page with the newest developments. click on the link in up thor left-hand corner of the screen and you'll go to the b.a.r.t. strike resources page. if there is a strike "today in the bay" will be starting at 4:00 a.m. to help you get around all of that gridlock.
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>> in other news, later today we expect to get an update on the condition of a potentially dangerous pg&e pipeline. tonight, san carlos, city council, will consider spending a quarter million dollars to look into the safety of the pipeline which runs under the city. pg&e shut down a natural gas pipe line earlier this month after a judge's order after e-mails revealed concerns about corrosion and cracks similar to san bruno. >> a 72-year-old man from the bay area lost in the wilderness for 19 days is alive and recovering this morning. gene penaflor vanished in the mendocino national forest in a hunting trip with a friend. he said he fell, hit his head and was knocked unconscious. she was in a fog bank and lost track where he was. the sheriff's office searched the area for four days before they had to call it off due to inclement weather. in the meantime, the san francisco native was doing
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everything he could to stay alive. >> he ate squirrel, lizards, frogs, snakes, whatever he needed to survive. >> his son said his dad watches wilderness survivor show. he used all of that to stay alive until he was found by hunters over the weekend. got to be fast too. >> it snowed. temperatures ranged from 25 to 70 degrees. >> a tough 72-year-old. >> he is. meteorologist christina loren, no snow around the bay area here. >> no. it's going to be warmer today. you can learn a lot from mr. fairgrove. good morning to you. temperatures are looking good later on today. but it is a cold start to this columbus day. 42 degrees in napa, you're at 49 in san jose. and by noon temperatures are going to start to rebound as we head throughout 12 to 4:00 p.m.,
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that's when you'll notice the difference. 82 degrees on the way to livermore, 80 in concord and 73 in san francisco. with a continued warm-up through midweek. we're talking a return to summertime levels. i'll get to your seven-day 18 minute. let's check on your drive. a little relief. >> yeah. didn't help us sleep but once that announcement came in we knew for the day. we're looking at the bay bridge with a beautiful view. talking about a nice b.a.r.t. ride. the b.a.r.t. trains are running as we led the show with. we'll remind you the negotiations continue. right now scheduled service as normal. we'll look at the maps, a smooth drive across the bay. down the east shore freeway, the maze not a problem. a concern was going to be highway 24. a lot of folks like us here we planned contingencies in case there was a b.a.r.t. strike. you smite more fongs the road. a smooth drive now as well as 580 through castro valley.
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even fremont a light volume. 880, we didn't expect to see problems south of the dumbarton bridge. we're going to follow that. back to you. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," a major move could be on the horizon for pay area based netflix. >> explosion at l.a.x. causes headaches for thousands. what investigators say they found at the scene. >> and is there a compromise at the capitol? what we've learned about the ongoing government shutdown in washington.
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good morning to you. here is a live look at the south bay. that is san jose out there on this columbus day. christina loren says we're in for a warm-up. right now it's 4:41. out with the old, in wit the new, anticipation of the new ipad is ramping up. a number of people looking to trade in their old ipad. that buys used gadgets reports in the first 10 days of october there was a 246% increase in the number of ipad trade-ins. that's compared to the same time period last year. the site says many of those are newer versions of the ipad. the new apple gadget expected to be released next week. >> this morning netflix could
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get cozier with cable tv. let's bring in bertha coombs live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. we have the futures pointing to a lower start given what happened over the weekend in washington as the senate failed to avert a u.s. debt default. now are stalled. the head of the imf says there could be an affect on the global economy. the china state news agency is calling on congress to end what it called a impasse no. economic data in part because of the government shutdown and the bond markets are clorsed for the columbus day holiday but stocks will trade. the dow will start at 15,237 after closing up 111 points on hope on friday, the nasdaq starts at 3792, after rising 31. and for the second year if you are on medicare expect a very
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small increase in your social security benefits come january. preliminary fiths suggest 1.5%, among the smallest since raises were implemented. the raise will be small because consumer prices have not risen much over the past year. the exact size won't be known until the labor department gets back to work and releases the september consumer price index which has been postponed because of the government shutdown. netflix is reportedly in talks with several cable companies to provide its video streaming service through an app on their seat top boxes. talks are in the early stajs and no deal is expected soon. one sticking spoynt that netflix wants cable providers to adopt special technology to improve the video service. the only person who is not on netfl netflix. i have cable and video on demand. i know a lot of friends are.
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>> you're not the only one. i'm not either. there you go. maybe we're the two. we're a couple. >> okay. thank you. small club. >> some great ones they have. now to the government shutdown. this morning there is no sign of a deal in the showdown over the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling. with the collapse of talks between the white house and house republicans all eyes are now on the senate to to broker a deal. the senate holding a rare sunday session with plenty of talk but no action. at the same time protesters in washington, d.c. take it upon themselves to open the world war ii memorial using bolt cutters to try to take down the barricades and did. sarah palin was among the demonstrators. >> as the shutdown continues some states open up their own checkbooks getting donors to pay for reopenings including the statute of liberty. governor andrew cuomo says it
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will cost the empire sfwat tatet $62,000. >> the newest winners of the nobel prize in economics. two from the university of chicago will share the prize with robert schiller of yale. the committee chose the men for findings about the price index of assets such as stocks and bonds. the three will share the $1.2 million. >> the honors keep coming. amazing. christina's got a look at the forecast. i need some kind of warm-up or something. >> we've got one for you. good morning to you. happy columbus day. time 4:45. let's take you out and show you what it looks like. we have a beautiful day in store starting out clear all the way from the coast to the inland valleys. we expect an offshore flow event that means we'll see elevated fire danger but our temperatures
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will be warmer and you're getting great beach weather as we head deeper into october. a beautiful clear start there from high atop san bruno overlooking the bay. temperatures this morning are comfortable in some cities, others it's frigid. plenty of 40s on the map. 43 degrees in santa rosa. 42 for napa and 49 degrees in san jose. by lunch time temperatures are going to be cool in the stixt later on today we expect really warm conditions and temperatures in mid-70s even in san francisco. 82 for livermore, 79 in santa teresa. so a nice comfortable afternoon headed our way. then it starts to warm up as we head throughout the midsection of the week. talking about mid-80s wednesday and thursday. even holding on to 80s on friday and finally a cooler weekend headed our way. so yeah, getting kind of summerlike as we head throughout midweek. i'll have a full look at the
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forecast coming up in a little bit. right now back to you, marla and laura. >> thanks so much. british police have new details in the connection of a missing girl missing from her parent's vaation apartment. police released these images of the suspect. they were created from descriptions given by witnesses on the night madeleine mccann disappeared. mccann was 3 years old when she vanished from a resort town in portugal in 2007. authorities closed the case in 2008 when alleged sightings of the girl turned up nothing. british police reopened the case in 2011. police have a new timeline. they are going through phone records of tourists and residents at the resort when mccann disappeared. >> new details on an explosion at l.a.x. it's business as usual at the the airport but several flights were delayed after reports of an explosion in an employee
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bathroom. officials say they found evidence of a plastic bot well dry ice inside and that a chemical reaction caused the blast. screening was halted as police investigated. no one was hurt and no arrests have been made. >> security at oakland international airport will now be easier for some. the tsa's precheck program is available at terminal 1. eligible travelers can go through a special prescreening to gain access to expedited lines. approved frequent flyers can pay a fee. the program could also make regular security lines shorter as well. >> people like that. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," despite the win controversy this morning around the 49ers, not players but the fans and the team ceo is getting involved. >> will he or won't he play. an update on the health of the sharks rookie sensation.
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>> toward the north bay, an easy drive for 101 through san rafael. we have a new issue traveling the curves over across the summit.6 good morning.
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here is a live look at san francisco. that's a clear shot of the city by the bay. still very dark out there, 4:51.
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your day is starting off pretty cold. it's 4:51. stern words from the 49ers front office after fan desire the wave while a visiting player was on the ground seriously hurt. take a look. this is cardinals player campbell who had to be taken off on a stretcher after an apparent injury to his neck. this happened in the fourth quarter. while teams treated him on the field fans apparently started the wave. the fox announcing team and even some players reacted to the timing of the wave. >> right now they are doing the wave in candlestick park. >> classy move by the 49er player telling the crowd show some class. >> 49ers ceo also responded the actions saying to say i'm disappointed some fans did the wave this afternoon while he was down is an understatement. hope you get well soon calais. for campbell he is apparently
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recovering. the cardinals say he is able to move is extremities. >> good thing she doing better. the actions overshadow the win. the niners beat the cardinals. niners are now 4-2 on the season. raiders started strong on sunday scoring their first in the game against the chiefs, then really started to unravel. terrelle pryor was sacked ten times, threw three interceptions in the loss. alex smith leading the way now 6-0 for the season. the crowd in kansas city was so loud they seat new world record. >> the volume actually reached 137.5 decibels. that breaks the record of 136.6 in case you were counting. that was set by seahawks fans in september when they played. good news for shark fans.
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todd mcclellan says rookie sensation tomas hertl should be ready for tomorrow's game. he was shaken up in the second period of saturday's win over ottawa. the 19-year-old forward has seven goals in his first five national hockey league games. go hertl. on fire. so exciting to see. >> and mike called him the ninja hertl. i like it. >> ninja hertl. there is a book yertle the turtle. on the maps we see no problems as far as the sensors. that streak through the middle of the screen is south 880, there is construction around that interchange with 280. that's about it for the morning. no incidents reported. we have some, quote, boulders. this is around big moody curve. sound likes there are rocks in lanes. that happens from time to time. no lanes are closed but there is
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activity and slowing so we'll track that as well. looking at speed through the tri-valley. typical drive for 580 and 680. slowing for 84 that might be the first person traffic as some hit that signal there. we'll watch that. a look at the peninsula we see an easy flow for 101 as traveling north of the headlights through palo alto no. delays, similar to this on 280 up the peninsula. might be tough tear the coast but i'll let you talk about why that might be. back to you. >> are they vegetables or pumpkins? they could be mistaken for boulders. >> halloween decorations. >> pumpkins weighing almost a ton are rolling into half moon bay. the 2013 safeway world pumpkin weigh-off at 7:00 this morning. the week-long art and pumpkin festival. how big, last year's winning pumpkin weighed 1700 pounds.
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the winner get as cash prize of more than $10,000. >> look at that thing. it's huge. have to put it in the back of a truck. >> some tough news for your sweet tooth. >> chocolate prices are going up. over the last year prices jumped more than 20%. cocoa beans, cook lat's main ingredient are in limited supply and demand is spiking like never before. one of the reasons people are buying more because of the health benefits. right. the health benefits. i was eating to my health yesterday. dark chocolate uses more cocoa beans it is considered to be a little more expensive. >> i'm still going to pay for it. >> still to come a former south bay teacher cleared of sexual misconduct now suing, he says the claims cost him his career. >> plus, no b.a.r.t. strike but no deal. b.a.r.t. and its union have until midnight. we'll about have the late wrest the two sides stand coming up in
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a live report. >> a live look of the bay bridge this morning. you know, i got a little cold bothering me. don't let it be distracting to your ears. scott is going to come in and take over. have a great monday. there is a lot more news ahead. stick around.
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they are back at the bargaining table. middle of the night negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its unions, we'll tell you what happened in the room. we're looking at a nice flow of traffic through oakland. sparkling lights. we'll talk about the traffic and why things might be different today. >> it's a cold start to your columbus day. temperatures now in the 40s. we've got a pretty good looking week ahead. a warm-up headed our way. could see elevated fire danger. we'll talk about that in your full forecast. >> a live look outside. it is monday, october 14, and this is "today in the bay."
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcuse. laura garcia-cannon tried her best but i think it best that she take a rest. >> yes. i'm marla tellez in for jon today. we begin with the latest on developing news. b.a.r.t. trains are up and running but the threat of a strike still loom this is morning. despite another marathon overnight bargaining session b.a.r.t. and its unions have yet to come to a deal. christie smith is live where b.a.r.t. says it made its best and final offer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla and scott. they went well past that midnight deadline and still no strike so the good news is that the b.a.r.t. trains are rolling again. and b.a.r.t.'s union telling us they will be back here a little bit later today to look at the proposal that was presented to them. but b.a.r.t.'s gm made it clear on her way out that this is their best last and final offer. while they


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